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  • Swift Video Tutorial - Technology Taught

    Free Swift iOS and tvOS Tutorial – Dictionaries with Sprite Kit and Swift 2

    Learn more Swift 2, as we cover the basics of Dictionaries in this CartoonSmart.com video tutorial podcast. We'll discuss how…

    by Justin
  • Swift Basics Tutorial

    Swift Basics – Part 6 – Arrays, Dictionaries and For Loops

    In this Swift tutorial we will create variables of both Array and Dictionary types. We’ll also play around with iterating through each…

    by Justin
  • Swift and Sprite Kit Snippet - Gesture Recognizers

    Parsing a Property List using Swift

    Ran into a wee-bit of a challenge tonight with Xcode and parsing a property list with Swift. For reference, here’s the…

    by Justin
  • SpriteKit with Swift Logo

    Day 4 – Learn Swift and Sprite Kit – Initialize with a Dictionary, For Loops and More Physics

    Day 4: Create multiple platforms for a typical game character to walk on We create a Dictionary to pass data into a subclass of…

    by Justin

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