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Swift 2.0 Video Tutorials – Create a Children’s Book App

Learn the Swift 2 programming behind the Story Teller iOS Starter Kit 2!  These tutorials will give you a glimpse of the programming behind the kit, available at CartoonSmart.com for Yearly subscribers.

Session 1 – Building a Children’s Book App with Swift 2

You will learn how to work with a Universal iOS project, in particular defining different Scene files for each device, how to create custom classes and subclasses in Swift 2, how to use SKCameraNodes (again on a per device family basis), how to work with a Property List to extend the functionality of SKSpriteNodes and your SKScene classes, basic collision detection, and how to transition from one scene to another. So there’s plenty to learn here about iOS9 and Xcode 7’s new features for developers.


Session 2 – Building a Children’s Book App with Swift 2

In this next series of videos we’ll tackle the various ways to get from one page to another with the starter kit. We’ll create functions to go to the next page or previous page defined by an array that stores the page ordering. You can have multiple page order arrays, for example an order for Chapter1, Chapter2, etc. We’ll also define properties to jump to random pages in the book. These too will be defined by arrays. You can have as many random page “pools” as you want. We’ll also create an Events dictionary for each page, so when a page loads up it can immediately trigger an event. And since going from one page to another involves transitioning scenes, we’ll make it so Elements and the page Settings can set different transition properties.

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Create a Children's Book App with Swift 2

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